Planning Excellence Award

The Chapter Board has elected to reorganize the typical award categories from past years, offering instead a Planning Excellence Award that may apply to nominations in any one of the following themes:

  • General
  • Sustainability and Resilience
  • Advancing Diversity and Social Equity
  • Public Health
These themes are intended to recognize plans, projects, and programs that address critical topics in the field of planning today. While nominees are asked to identify an applicable theme in this award category, the awards jury has discretion to award nominations on these or other themes, as deemed appropriate.


Leadership in Planning Award for Community Outreach and Engagement in Honor of Harold Foster

Recognizes an individual, team, or organization that has showcased innovative or extraordinary effort in encouraging inclusive public participation in their planning efforts. This award is named in honor of DC native and long-time professional planner, Harold Foster, who made an indelible mark on the DC region throughout his long and storied planning career.

Leadership in Planning Award for a Citizen or Elected Official

Recognizes an individual that has advanced or promoted planning in the region. Those nominated may include members of planning commissions, boards of zoning appeals, economic development boards, environmental or historic preservation councils, or other elected or appointed body. It also could include vital but more nontraditional roles, such as citizen activists or neighborhood leaders.

Leadership in Planning Award for a Student in Honor of Professor Sherwin Greene

Recognizes an outstanding student in a planning or planning-related field that has excelled in their coursework, exhibited leadership among their academic peers, or exemplified exceptional application of their studies in their community. This award is named in honor of Sherwin Greene, a long-time professor of urban and regional planning at George Washington University and planning consultant in the DC region.

Leadership in Planning Award for a Professional Planner in Honor of Frederick Gutheim

Recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly through distinguished practice, teaching, or writing, leading to a greater awareness of the value of planning, and improving the quality of life. This award is named in honor of Frederick Gutheim, a professional planner and a writer and consultant in planning and historic preservation.